what is the name of the collarbones?

what is the name of the collarbones?

Clavicle image Click on To View Giant Picture Clavicle Continued From Above… They’re positioned within the thoracic area superior and anterior to the primary rib. Every clavicle runs transversely and types a joint with the sternum on its medial finish and the scapula on its lateral finish. The medial finish of every clavicle is a clean, rounded cylinder referred to as the sternal extremity, which types the sternoclavicular joint with the manubrium of the sternum. Considered from the anterior place, the clavicle types a convex curve at its medial finish earlier than forming a smaller concave curve close to its lateral finish. The lateral finish terminates in a flattened aspect referred to as the acromial extremity, which types the acromioclavicular (AC) joint with the acromion means of the scapula.

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The clavicles, together with the scapulae, kind the pectoral girdle that attaches the bones of the arm to the trunk. In reality, the sternoclavicular joints are the one bony attachments between the pectoral girdles and the bones of the axial skeleton. The clavicles perform as struts to anchor the arms to the trunk whereas allowing the motion of the scapulae and shoulder joints relative to the trunk. The motion of the clavicles will increase the mobility of the shoulder joints past what could be potential with solely ball-and-socket joints, permitting the arm to maneuver in a big circle. A number of muscle groups of the neck and shoulder additionally connect to the clavicle, together with the pectoralis main, sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, and deltoid.

The distinctive place of the clavicle within the physique incessantly makes it the location of fractures from a number of varieties of accidents. When the arm is prolonged to interrupt a fall, a lot of the drive from the autumn is transmitted by the arm to the shoulder, which shifts instantly and might fracture the clavicle. When a robust drive is utilized on to the shoulder, equivalent to throughout a automobile accident, sort out, or sudden fall, the shoulder bones might be pushed medially and lead to a fractured clavicle.

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