what is the name of this celestial body

what is the name of this celestial body

You may need come throughout the phrase heavenly physique in your science textbook someday or the opposite. Have you ever ever puzzled what are heavenly our bodies? Celestial our bodies or heavenly our bodies are objects in house such because the solar, moon, planets, and stars. They type part of the huge universe we reside in and are normally very removed from us. The wonderful night time sky is dotted with such objects and after we observe them utilizing a telescope, they reveal fascinating worlds of their very own. As a result of they’re so distant, we can not see all of them utilizing the bare eye and we depend upon telescopes to check them.

Therefore, we are able to outline heavenly our bodies as,

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A planet, moon, star or different pure objects within the house

On this quick piece of article, allow us to focus on varied heavenly physique names and their that means.

Classification of Celestial Our bodies

Classification of Celestial Bodies


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Stars are large balls of scorching gases that may produce their very own mild. Stars give out power by changing Hydrogen gasoline into Helium of their cores. Stars are gigantic in measurement and have an immense gravitational attraction. The solar is a medium-sized star that provides us power and makes life doable on earth.

Celestial Bodies


Planets are giant (virtually) spherical objects that revolve across the solar. Planets transfer in fastened orbits across the solar. There are 8 planets in our photo voltaic system. Planets could also be fabricated from rocks, metals and gases like hydrogen, nitrogen and methane. The earth can be a planet and is the one identified place within the universe which helps life. Planets that revolve round different stars are referred to as exoplanets.


Satellites are objects that revolve round planets. They type the important a part of the celestial our bodies. These could also be of pure origin or despatched by people. The moon is a pure satellite tv for pc of the earth and revolves round it as a result of it’s sure by the Earth’s gravitational pull. Man has additionally positioned synthetic or man-made satellites across the earth and different planets to check them and for communication functions.


These are small chunks of ice and rock that come from the outer fringe of the photo voltaic system. When its orbit brings it nearer to the solar, the ice on them vaporizes, creating a phenomenal tail behind them.


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These are small irregularly formed rocks made up of metallic or minerals that orbit the solar. Most of them are discovered between Mars and Jupiter in an space generally known as the asteroid belt.

Meteors and meteorites

These are objects from house that enter our ambiance as they’re pulled by the earth’s gravity. Meteors normally are small and dissipate within the ambiance as they enter the earth. This creates streaks within the sky as if a star has fallen. They’re generally referred to as taking pictures stars. If a meteor is giant sufficient it could possibly attain the bottom and create a crater. Such objects are referred to as meteorites.


Galaxies are giant teams of stars held collectively by gravity. The solar and the photo voltaic system is a part of a galaxy generally known as the Milky Means. Different galaxies are normally so distant that they appear like stars within the night time sky. The Andromeda galaxy and the Giant Magellanic Cloud are galaxies that may be seen with the bare eye on a transparent night time.

The following time you exit to marvel on the night time sky, attempt to determine these objects. If you will get a star chart, use it to search out the totally different celestial objects talked about within the night time sky.

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