what is the name peggy short for

what is the name peggy short for

I’ve at all times been fascinated by how language has developed over time — particularly in terms of the names dad and mom give their infants. Whereas trying again in any respect basic names for little ladies within the Nineteen Fifties, I couldn’t assist however be struck by the quantity of distinctive nicknames that have been additionally hooked up them. For instance, have you ever ever puzzled how we obtained the nickname Peggy from Margaret?

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It seems that Peggy isn’t even essentially the most baffling nickname for Margaret; one other widespread diminutive is Daisy. You may be shaking your head and refusing to consider me at this level, however there’s really a simple clarification, I promise! Margaret stems from the French title Marguerite, which additionally occurs to be the title of a sort of daisy. (See? It makes complete sense!) After studying that, I made a decision to dig even deeper about curious monikers by trying them up on the useful web site Behind the Identify.

Have a look under to search out out extra about Margaret and different names with widespread but shocking nicknames.

1. Peggy from Margaret

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In contrast to Daisy and Peggy, it’s positively simpler to see why the nickname Maggie comes from Margaret — and it’s additionally the reply to unlocking Peggy’s origin as a nickname. Over time, Maggie morphed into Meggie and Meg, seemingly due to accents altering the vowel sound. That continued to remodel into the Peggy and Peg we all know as we speak, primarily based merely on a development of making nicknames that rhyme. It’s the identical purpose we’ve got Invoice from William.

2. Jack from John

There are a few theories for this standard nickname change. Some consider Jack got here from an previous Scottish type of the title John being known as “Jock.” However, it may very well be primarily based on the Norman tradition (which was vibrant in France within the 1000s) and their use of -kin on the finish of names. They apparently translated then title John to Jen, which then grew to become Jenkin or Jakin, earlier than lastly touchdown on Jack. It’s additionally value nothing that Jack and John are additionally two of the most typical names for in any other case nameless males (assume “Jack of All Trades” and “John Doe”), in order that they’re simply interchanged.

3. Sally from Sarah

If you happen to’ve ever heard somebody utilizing Molly as a nickname for a girl named Mary — and located your self confused — it’s the identical concept behind Sally being a nickname for Sarah. As you possibly can in all probability inform, just like the rhyming development, folks used to like changing the R-sound in sure names with an L-sound to create an entire new nickname.

4. Hank from Henry

The Dutch are seemingly accountable for this widespread crossover of names. Their title Hendrick is much like Henry and is usually shortened to Henk. Evidently, over time, English audio system determined to tweak the vowel sound and do the identical with Hank.

5. Chuck from Charles

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Apparently within the Center English, the title Charles was really spelled Chukken. Anybody who has tried to learn an unique model of The Canterbury Tales is aware of how troublesome it’s to parse by way of spelling again then, nevertheless it does make for a reasonably simple clarification of Chuck being a nickname for Charles.

I guess you realize a number of folks with these nicknames who aren’t even conscious of how they obtained them! The subsequent time you run right into a Chuck, Jack, or Peg, ask them in the event that they have been ever confused by their names — after which give them the solutions they’ve been questioning about for years.

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