what is the only arrowhead that may be used for big game

what is the only arrowhead that may be used for big game

As a bow and arrow hunter, you might need encountered a number of — if not — varied totally different arrowheads over the time period of your massive sport looking.

The query is…are you utilizing the precise arrowhead?

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With so many kinds of arrowheads obtainable, we solely need to deal with one: BIG GAME HUNTING. The mistaken arrowhead dimension means you severely injure your prey reasonably than kill them, which is socially unacceptable.

So what’s the very best and solely arrowhead which may be used for giant sport looking? The quick reply: broadhead.

Broadheads: The Large Sport

The Big Game

As we talked about, whenever you’re going for giant sport, it’s essential the one arrowhead you employ IS SUITED for the scale of your goal.

Decide the one arrowhead that kills, not the one arrowhead that will solely trigger harm, struggling, and weeks of torment.

The broadhead is your BEST and IDEAL selection that needs to be used for giant sport.

It’s not solely laser-sharp or razor-sharp however made with higher, studier high quality in comparison with others. This MAXIMIZES the massive sport looking expertise.

When going for the kill, penetration issues. Regardless of in any respect the accuracy, no different level would make for a greater shot the best way a broadhead does.

The perfect mixture of bow, broadhead, and arrow is an important tools mixture for probably the most humane kill attainable.

BUT WAIT! There’s nonetheless extra to be taught in regards to the kinds of broadhead arrowheads you SHOULD use.

Kinds of Broadheads

1. Static or Mounted Blade Broadhead

Static or Fixed

That is the most typical fashion of broadhead and is commonly utilized by traditional-style bowhunters. A lot of these arrowheads are most becoming for bows with decrease draw weights.

Good for:

This sort of broadhead is finest for smaller animals. Because it requires MORE POWER to shoot an arrow with these sorts of factors, the penetration on the animal’s pores and skin could also be inadequate.

Although this kind of arrowhead might not be the very best for giant sport, it’s nonetheless perfect for many conditions since they’re the strongest broadhead fashion.

Due to its design and construct high quality, there are VERY FEW weak factors. That is nice since you don’t have to fret in regards to the blade broadhead breaking off.

Relying on the actual design, mounted blade broadheads are put in in two methods:

  • Screw on: This kind of mounted blade makes use of an insert to keep away from harm and possibly for sport looking.
  • Glue on: With this kind of mounted blade, the top is instantly glued onto the shaft of the arrow.


On the draw back, many complained in regards to the accuracy of its head. The arrows with this level are stated to “sail off beam” when aiming.

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Fortunately, as a result of current innovation, the mounted blade arrow factors are made to be extra aerodynamic.

2. Detachable Blade Broadhead


Generally, your arrows simply want upkeep. That’s the place this broadhead is available in.

Good for:

The form of arrowhead which may be your best option for goal observe.

This arrow level does share similarities with the mounted blade broadheads, EXCEPT you may take away the person metal blades if they’re broken or want altering.

With this data, you now know to not use these broadheads for giant sport looking. These are finest for goal observe for higher purpose or just need to a warm-up session earlier than tackling on severe sport.

3. Expandable Blade Broadhead


Often known as the mechanical broadhead or mechanical heads.

Good for:

The mechanical broadhead form of arrowhead is your biggest selection in terms of massive sport looking.

Quick Truth: When massive sport looking with this fashion of broadheads, the blade heads retract earlier than you shoot them till the purpose of affect. Solely once they are available in contact along with your goal do the blades increase. It’s in that course of that exposes the slicing edges.

That is the kind of arrowhead which may be very useful when used for giant sport trying to find animals LARGER THAN 50 POUNDS.

The rationale for it’s because every shot would have sufficient energy to set off THE blades to open and pin in place after taking pictures.

These sorts of heads assist you to penetrate the animal pores and skin simply and kill them quicker, because of their IMMENSE penetration energy.

It received’t be a foul thought to choose these up whenever you attempt looking and taking pictures hogs with a bow!

Drawbacks and Precautions

For one, it tends to be flimsy. Second, it could fold when taking pictures into the bone of your prey. Because of this, the blades would possibly fail to deploy correctly when involved with the animal.

What does that imply?

Though it’s an arrowhead which may be finest for greater sport, the expandable blade broadhead is a one-shot use arrowhead.

Two Main Broadhead Ideas

Two Major Tips

That is an arrowhead that not solely is available in totally different types however can also be designed to have various kinds of suggestions.

1. Chisel Factors

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When used for giant sport looking, the chisel level options the very best smashing energy and BREAKS bones on all or any bigger animal targets.

The blades of broadheads sit behind the chisel tip, superior when used for giant sport looking. Blades on this kind of tip CUT THROUGH because the arrow units its course on the goal.

2. Reduce on Contact

These sorts of suggestions positively share qualities with its title. There aren’t any variations as these factors LITERALLY minimize on contact.

These taking pictures factors are sharp, and the blade will slice by way of thick conceal and animal pores and skin. The rule with that is that the blades will flare away from the tip.

Clear slicing energy alongside the complete arrow tip is ensured when utilizing this sort of level for broadheads.



Nonetheless have a couple of questions on what’s finest to hunt massive sport? We’ve acquired all of the solutions. Listed here are the states of affairs for looking, frequent issues, and the like.

#1 What sort of arrow do you have to use for giant sport looking?

A professional hunter is aware of to make the most of high-poundage compound bows. They want stiffer arrows with a rise within the size of their arrow.

For large sport broadheads, it’s a must to consider the energy, velocity, and course of the wind whenever you’re deciding on your finest arrow. Not all arrows make the very best photographs.

#2 What’s the beneficial arrow weight for looking?

The arrow weight performs a key function within the effectivity of your taking pictures arrow.

A mean of about 6 to eight grains for each pound of your bow weight is the beneficial arrow weight that’s good for looking. It needs to be round 9 to 10 grains for each pound, for lighter bows.

Which means that 360 to the 480-grain vary is for a typical 60-pound sort of bow.

#3 Can an arrowhead pierce the animal’s cranium?

Sure. An arrow can simply penetrate your prey’s cranium.

This is determined by the taking pictures energy, sort of arrowhead and level, and the load of the arrow.

#4 What sort of sport do you have to hunt utilizing a blunt?

Blunt factors are flat as a substitute of pointed. Created from rubber, plastic, or metal. These kill your prey by shock.

Use your blunt factors for small sport trying to find small sport animals. These small sport animals embody rabbits, squirrels, and birds.



Broadheads have confirmed to be the very best arrowhead to make the most of in massive sport looking.

Due to its modern design in addition to totally different types to select from, broadheads are certainly the very best for giant sport.

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