what is the robot’s name from futurama

what is the robot’s name from futurama

RobotsFirst look”House Pilot 3000″ (1ACV01) Wikipedia has data unrelated to Futurama

Robots have been first constructed by people to enhance their lives. It has gotten to the purpose now that robots outnumber people (or no less than, voting people) on presidential elections, and planets resembling Chapek 9 are dominated by robots alone. Whereas some robots are designated laborers and employees, others reside common human-like lives, and they’re increasingly more built-in into society on Earth. In 3010, legal guidelines have been even up to date to permit robosexual marriage; marriage between a robotic and a human. Some forms of robots are additionally able to evolving on their very own (6ACV09).

Robots in society

Robots can purchase wealth, marry, get hold of jobs, eat sources, personal property and reside in robotic societies. Every totally different aspect of society within the yr 3000 has some type of robotic associated – to human profit or not.

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Robots in Futurama appear to exist in battle with the concept of type and performance – to which current day industrial design strives. Within the yr circa 3000 robots eat excessive volumes of sources (Calculon’s luxurious Bel-air house) and inhabit land (Robotic Arms Flats). In society they are often present in all ranges of society – within the gutter “jacking on” (getting stoned on electrical energy) and on the prime (Hedonism bot seems to be very rich, commissioning creative endeavours on a whim). There may be nevertheless little social mobility as a robotic’s perform is predetermined by its kind.

There look like two foremost varieties, or castes, of robotic:

Laborer Robots

Doubtless constructed by people, these robots are certain to their programming. They are often simply recognized by the truth that their identify typically displays their job. They don’t seem to be all “laborers”, per se, however they have been constructed for a selected job, which they carry out with out query.

Civilian Robots

Presumably constructed by robots (evidenced by Bender’s assertion, “We will at all times construct extra killbots” (1ACV04)), these are free to do as they please, and in reality, many are homeless. They nonetheless appear to pay homage to Mother on Mom’s Day, although. Their names are likely to have little to do with their occupations.

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This mentioned, plainly thirty first century robots aren’t as certain to their programming as meant to. Bender is a chief instance, made by people and programmed to be a bending unit, however having a free will and having the ability to do as he’ll. He’s a laborer robotic per se, and has a relentless, unconsious need of bending (particularly clear in “Bendless Love”), however may also select to not, no less than to some extent.

Historical past of robotics

The next is the historical past of robots originating from Earth.

Early historical past (twenty first century – 2927)

The oldest dwelling robotic is Calculon, who refreshes his look now and again to keep away from suspicion, and declare to be a lot youthful. Created across the yr 2000, he was initially a easy motorized arm working who helped create Challenge Devil. Challenge Devil himself, an evil Had been-Automotive, was the primary identified robotic to have a consciousness and mobility.

The precise progress of robots is seemingly as unknown as the primary man on the Moon, however it’s claimed that the unique robots have been just like neanderthals, wearing leopard hides and hitting scraps of steel with golf equipment.

The Robotic Satan has existed since earlier than 2275, however then once more it isn’t sure that he was created on Earth. The identical goes for Kwanzaa-bot, who was assembled earlier than 2354.

Sport-Utility Robots (2927 – 3003)

A brand new break-through in robotics was made in 2927, as Professor Farnsworth invented the primary Sport-Utility Robotic (SUR). This robotic was designed to be massive and sporty (categorised as a lightweight truck), and is the ancestral prototype of most fashionable robots, together with Bender. The SUR runs on alcohol and pollutes in a fashion typically harking back to human burps, which prompted World warming, resulting in all SURs being doomed to extinction by the president in 3003 on the so-called Large Robotic Celebration. Though they have been saved and world warming was stopped in the intervening time, these robots are actually thought-about out of date because of their impact on surroundings.

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Someday within the third millennium, John Quincy Including Machine grew to become the primary robotic President of Earth after promising to not go on a killing spree. Nevertheless, as with most politicians, he promised greater than he might ship.

By the late thirtieth century, robots existed in comparable numbers to people on Earth, and the excessive variety of robotic voters prompted Richard Nixon’s head to win the presidential elections of yr 3000 by precisely one vote.

Robotic 1-X (3003 – 3010)

At Roboticon 3003, Robotic 1-X was launched by MomCorp. This new mannequin is designed to not run on alcohol and exhaust air pollution, however fairly to run on air pollution and exhaust contemporary smelling oxygen. Extraordinarily clever and obedient, in addition to hovering as an alternative of strolling, it’s largely thought-about a laborer robotic.

Proposition ∞ (Present time)

After turning into a increasingly more accepted a part of society all through the occasions, some sides of robo-humanoid connections are nonetheless taboo in 3010. In July of this yr, nevertheless, Amy and Bender amongst others fought to legalize robosexual marriages, via Proposition ∞, and succeeded.

The way forward for robotics

If Chris Travers is to be believed, Nixon’s re-election in 3012 causes a series response which leads to a mass robotic rebellion in 3028, led by B.B. Rodríguez.

In some unspecified time in the future between the yr 3050 and the yr 10000, robots appear to have gotten terminated in some way in the course of the many post-apocalyptic eras to come back, and will not be created once more until the yr 10 million. The place because the robots from the thirty first century lived roughly in peace with people, the machines from the yr 10 million are engaged in a violent, genocidal warfare towards the remnants of mankind.

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Record of robots

Identified Laborer Robots

  • Πkea Robotic
  • Robotic 1-X
  • Bender
  • Boxy Robotic
  • Calculon
  • Robotic Satan
  • Fender
  • Flexo
  • Gypsy
  • Hair Robotic
  • Humorbot 5.0
  • iHawk
  • iZac
  • Robotic Santa
  • Malfunctioning Eddie
  • The Masked Unit
  • Monique’s appearing unit
  • Nannybot 1.0
  • Planet Categorical Ship
  • URL
  • Trash Can

Identified Civilian Robots

  • Countess de la Roca
  • Robotic Elders
  • Tinny Tim
  • Roberto
  • The Crushinator
  • Vladimir
  • Helper
  • Hedonism Bot

Robotic Animals

  • Robo-Pet

Unknown standing

  • Destructor
  • Robotic Mafia
  • Had been-Automotive
  • Killbots
  • Sinclair 2K
  • Lisa
  • Cartridge Unit
  • Bender’s First Born Son
  • Angle-ine

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