what is the scientific name for tailbone

what is the scientific name for tailbone

The coccyx is a triangular association of bone that makes up the very backside portion of the backbone under the sacrum. It represents a vestigial tail, therefore the frequent time period tailbone.

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Relying on a person’s growth, the coccyx could include three to 5 totally different bones linked by fused—or semi-fused—joints and/or disc-like ligaments. Whereas it was initially thought that the coccyx is at all times fused collectively, it’s now recognized that the coccyx just isn’t one stable bone, however there may be some restricted motion between the bones permitted by fibrous joints and ligaments.

See Sacrum (Sacral Area)

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The coccyx connects with the sacrum by the sacrococcygeal joint, and there may be usually restricted motion between the coccyx and the sacrum. The coccyx often strikes barely ahead or backward because the pelvis, hips, and legs transfer. When an individual sits or stands, the bones that make up the pelvis (together with the coccyx) rotate outward and inward barely to higher assist and stability the physique.

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Perform of the Coccyx

Though the tailbone is taken into account vestigial (or now not needed) within the human physique, it does have some operate within the pelvis. As an illustration, the coccyx is one a part of a three-part assist for an individual within the seated place. Weight is distributed between the underside parts of the 2 hip bones (or ischium) and the tailbone, offering stability and stability when an individual is seated.

The tailbone is the connecting level for a lot of pelvic flooring muscle tissue. These muscle tissue assist assist the anus and support in defecation, assist the vagina in females, and help in strolling, working, and transferring the legs.

Why Do Extra Coccyx Accidents Happen in Girls Than Males?

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Coccydynia is usually way more frequent in ladies; some sources from the medical literature discover that ladies are 5 occasions extra prone to develop coccydynia than males.1

The vast majority of coccyx accidents happen in ladies as a result of:

  • A broader pelvic construction, which can lower the quantity of pelvic rotation and go away the coccyx extra uncovered to harm.
  • Girls have a tendency to position extra weight on the coccyx when sitting, which leaves it extra prone to harm.
  • Childbirth, which can trigger acute injury because the child strikes over the tailbone

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Pelvic muscle cramps also can play a job in elevated coccyx ache in ladies. In bodily evaluations, ladies have reported considerably elevated coccyx ache throughout the premenstrual interval.

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