what is the spiritual meaning of the dragonfly

what is the spiritual meaning of the dragonfly

Dragonfly symbolism is related to change and transformation. A dragonfly carries with it the knowledge of transformation and adaptableness.

Aside from these dragonfly image meanings, there are various different symbolic representations for a dragonfly, which depend on one’s circumstances and life conditions.

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On this information, we are going to break down the importance of dragonfly and likewise focus on its function as a totem and energy animal.

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  • Dragonfly Symbolism and which means
  • Dragonfly Native American Symbolism
  • Dragonfly Christianity Symbolism
  • Dragonfly Celtic Symbolism
  • Dragonfly in Goals
  • Dragonfly Encounters and Omens
  • Dragonflys’ Mythology and Folklore
  • Dragonfly Spirit Animal
  • Dragonfly Totem Animal
  • Dragonfly Energy Animal
  • Dragonfly Tattoo Which means

Dragonfly symbolism and which means

A dragonfly image represents change and transformation. It’s a reminder so that you can shed extra gentle and pleasure in your life. It tells you to not stay at the hours of darkness or the shadows.

A dragonfly encourages you to dive into your feelings and asks your spirit to soar along with your true colours. Have you ever seen a dragonfly within the sunshine? It’s beautiful!

What do dragonflies imply? A dragonfly asks us to interrupt free from our illusions. Because it displays gentle, it asks us to mirror our inside gentle.


It encourages us to be adaptable, inventive and impressed even when it means altering the way in which we act or suppose so we are able to obtain our full potential.

So what do dragonflies symbolize? A dragonfly asks you to specific your true emotions as you stand in your genuine self and communicate your reality in grace and love. So a dragonfly which means will be summarized as ‘transformation to change into who we actually are.’

We typically see dragonflies close to water our bodies. And water represents feelings and the unconscious a part of the soul. Subsequently, seeing dragonflies may imply that we should always discover our emotions, feelings, and the inner-self, though in a joyful and light-weight method.

Dragonfly Native American symbolism

Many Native American Societies have depicted image of dragonfly of their art work and motifs. Pots made by Mimbres tribes have been present in what’s now southwestern New Mexico having stylized dragonfly icons.

In different circumstances, dragonflies had been depicted by two parallel strains crossed by a single fatter line. From the Native American viewpoint, dragonflies characterize spring, rebirth, and renewal.

Navajo sand work and pottery with ornamental dragonflies have been discovered within the Southwest. Folks would depict dragonflies to make sure good rain and symbolize extra water in these in any other case dry areas. (1)

native american silhouette

Many Native American myths consider the dragonfly image which means as swiftness, phantasm, and alter. Some tales additionally steered that they had been despatched by Devil to trigger mischief on the planet. Dragonflies had been additionally referred to as Satan’s Darning Needles.

Younger kids had been advised that in the event that they spoke lies, the Satan’s Darning Needle would sew their mouths newurbanhabitat.comonflies had been additionally known as snake feeders and snake docs.

The Zuni Indians regarded the dragonfly as possessing supernatural powers and it was a taboo to kill one. Within the Navajo Legend of Creation, the First World was a small island inhabited by insect folks – the bugs had been of various sorts, together with dragonflies. (2)

Dragonfly Christianity symbolism

A dragonfly is an emblem of Christianity. It’s born underwater and lives at the hours of darkness earlier than rising as much as the sunshine. When it first emerges, it’s colorless and clear. However, when daylight hits its physique, it turns into stunning, colourful, and magical.

Thus, gentle transforms the dragonfly. That is symbolic to Christians in the way in which they will all change into remodeled and colourful when the sunshine of Lord Jesus shines upon them.


Matthey 5:14-16 states:

“You’re the gentle of the world. A metropolis on a hill can’t be hidden. Neither do folks gentle a lamp and conceal it below the bowl.

As an alternative, they put it on a stand so its gentle will be shone upon everyone in order that the sunshine can shine and illuminate everybody.

In the identical means, let your gentle shine upon males. Allow them to see and reward your good deeds. You, in flip, reward the Father in heaven.”

Dragonflies are reminders to maintain our sight upon God. They characterize change. As a creature within the water, they characterize the lack of expertise and consciousness.

As they arrive out within the gentle and change into stunning, they characterize our motion into the Gentle of God from the depths of disillusionment and darkness. Dragonfly religious which means: prosperity, power, braveness, peace, concord, and purity. (3)

Dragonfly Celtic symbolism

Celtic delusion has almost 23 completely different names for the dragonfly. There are numerous poems written about it and they’re talked about in lots of Celtic tales, legends, and myths.

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The Dance of the Dragonfly

It cleanses area with danceFire burns like a thousand sunsWithin its soul

Solar catching its wingsBrightness to its gazeRemodeling the timesFlitting, flying, hovering.

Forging a path for its journey insideIt dances an area so sacred, so uncommonDances with the solar in a sky so honestThe trance of dragonfly dance

celtic cross

Celtic legends discuss dragonfly as a magical being. Its wings are iridescent and alter colours relying on how gentle falls on them. The attention of the dragonfly can see a imaginative and prescient in 360-degrees-symbolizing the human thoughts that seeks past its limitations, above the mundane.

So, the which means of a dragonfly crosses your path is to stay life in its fullness. Many Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic legends speak in regards to the magic of dragonflies. They characterize overcoming delusions in regards to the self.

Many describe the dance of the dragonfly and the actual fact that it will probably hover or fly backward. Its magnificent eyes are receptors to every thing that falls in its imaginative and prescient. Celts speak in regards to the symbolism of dragonfly in desires – it portends transformation. Its flight is brief, belonging to summer time and autumn, but it teaches man a lot about himself. (4)

Dragonfly in desires

To dream of a dragonfly, is to understand the necessity for freedom however equally to acknowledge that freedom will be short-lived. We could also be pursuing a dream with none actual focus as to what we would like in life.

Our reactions are instinctive fairly than logical. Though the dragonfly has a brief life, it represents regeneration and immortality. (5)

In Dragonfly Dreaming: A Non secular Journey, creator Anna Pye believes that dragonflies themselves are retains of desires. They’re the all-knowing beings that see our true potential.


A dragonfly strips away all illusions that say to us that we can not obtain our desires and objectives, that we’re worthy and succesful, and that it’s our birthright and true energy to decide on something we would like. (6)

To dream of a dragonfly implies that change is on the horizon. A dragonfly itself modifications via completely different life stages- from a nymph to larva to grownup. Its whole lifecycle is barely a few 12 months, nevertheless it spends most of its nymph-stage underwater.

Solely when it turns into an grownup, does it come out of the water. And when it does, it’s uninteresting, clear, and unattractive. Nevertheless, the second the daylight touches its wings; you then see it remodeled into a beautiful being.

Dragonfly encounters and omens

What does it imply while you see a dragonfly? There are completely different meanings related to encountering a dragonfly – some good, some destructive.

For instance, on fishing journeys, seeing a dragonfly is taken into account an excellent omen, for it’s believed that dragonflies level out to the areas or spots having loads of fish.

Individuals who consider in magic, and angels, or those that do light-work and therapeutic work, consider that dragonflies symbolize optimistic modifications.


These magical staff additionally consider that in case you see a dragonfly, it could be telling you that no matter you’re doing is heading in the right direction and that you must proceed doing that.

In lots of elements of the US, seeing dragonflies can invoke worry as a result of they’re believed to stitch your nostril, mouth, eyes, and ears shut. Killing a dragonfly can also be thought of an ailing omen; it symbolizes that somebody near you – a member of the family – will die.

In keeping with historical folklore, to chop off the top of a mosquito-hawk or dragonfly is to ask loss of life upon oneself. Whoever wrings the neck of this insect might be beheaded. The dragonfly goes “tci, tci,tci” in your ears. It’s a warning – Look out, you’re going in direction of destruction!” (7)

Dragonfly mythology and folklore

Dragonflies belong to the order Odonata and are discovered all around the globe. There are almost 5000 species of dragonflies and generally, they occupy the identical iconographic area of interest as butterflies.

They’re additionally related to warriors in lots of cultures. The traditional Egyptians represented dragonflies as inventory components in papyrus swampland scenes.

Dragonfly emblems and symbols had been discovered on many objects of the Nice Plains, together with shields, clothes, and private adornments. Warriors admired the pace and darting actions of the dragonflies and wished to emulate them.

zeus statue

In Welsh mythology, the which means of dragonfly is the snake’s servant because it appears to observe the snake round. In Japan, dragonflies are revered. Actually, one of many names of Japan is Akitsushima, which suggests island of dragonflies.

The Japanese hero Jimmu-Tenno is claimed to have given Honshu the title of Dragonfly Island. As per the legend, the emperor was struck by the resemblance to dragonflies. Japanese folks additionally consider that dragonflies are the autos for the return of the lifeless ancestors who come again for the summer time feast of the lifeless.

Samurai warriors maintain the dragonfly in excessive respect and depict them on swords and arrows – since each weapons ought to fly quick and straight just like the dragonflies. (8) In China, dragonfly animal spirit which means brings good luck and is utilized in love spells. Nevertheless, in some elements of the nation, dragonflies sign unsteadiness.

Dragonfly spirit animal

As spirit animals, Dragonfly is related to the symbolism of change and light-weight. When a dragonfly enters your life as a spirit animal, it could be asking you to not take life too severely.

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It might even ask you to bounce and search the sunshine. Dragonfly spirit animal represents adaptability, pleasure, and lightness of being.

It’s a image of the realm of emotions, asking you to dive deep into your feelings. Spirit animal dragonfly could also be suggesting you join with nature’s spirits, fairies, and realm.

A dragonfly spends most of its life underwater within the nymph and larval kind. And even when it emerges from the water, it’s colorless and plain. No sooner does it search the sunshine, than it transforms into a phenomenal creature that’s quick, stunning, and even alert and motivated like a warrior.

Subsequently, the reply to the query: what’s the religious which means of a dragonfly is that you have to be prepared for a change. The dragonfly tells you that you’re heading in the right direction and that you must proceed doing what you do as a result of optimistic transformation is on the horizon.

If a dragonfly spirit involves you, it’s possible you’ll be requested to discover your feelings in a light-weight and joyful method. (9)

Dragonfly totem animal

What does a dragonfly characterize as a totem? The gorgeous dragonfly tells you that deep transformation is on the way in which and that you’re about to emerge ceaselessly modified and much wiser.

What does seeing a dragonfly imply? The dragonfly is asking you to rework your ideas into issues that can manifest. Transformation will be powerful.

It might deliver with its ups and downs. However the dragonfly is with you and reveals you that these going-ons are in your highest good. The dragonfly is asking you to look inside and achieve depth to your persona in these instances.


These transformations additionally assist change you, make you extra mature, and let you see the larger image. If you’re questioning, ‘why do I hold seeing dragonflies?’ The reply might be that the Universe is asking you to change into extra compassionate and sort in direction of everybody beginning with your self.

Dragonfly totem animal is an effective omen that’s telling you that regardless of the scenario, good or unhealthy, you’re creating and evolving in direction of one thing extra significant.

This transformation can also be going to form you into one thing stunning. Your life has a objective and the dragonfly totem animal is bringing intense readability about it. (10)

Dragonfly energy animal

Native People really believed that dragonflies had been as soon as dragons! If a dragonfly is your energy animal, you’re an professional at what you do as a result of you’ve honed your abilities via repetition, self-discipline, and a focus to element.

What does dragonfly symbolize? It represents that you simply’ve been an emotionally intense individual since childhood. It’s essential to spend time outdoors, particularly close to the water our bodies.

That’s what the dragonfly does – it flits and dances close to the lakes and ponds. You additionally want the daylight and with out it, you change into uninteresting and morose.


Ask for dragonfly’s assist while you really feel emotionally overwhelmed. In case your life has come to a stagnant routine and also you want to vary however don’t know what to do, name upon the dragonfly energy animal for steering.

Name the dragonfly energy animal if you find yourself concerned in many various actions and must steadiness your time and vitality. To harness your dragonfly’s energy, make a listing of stuff you wish to change.

Select three of a very powerful ones and make methods to make these modifications. For every week, strive bathing your self in pure daylight for at the very least half-hour, ideally close to a water physique, and see the way it makes you are feeling. You may as well put on colourful garments and see how they make you are feeling. (11)

Dragonfly tattoo which means

In most eventualities, dragonfly tattoos symbolize change and transformation. Seeing a dragonfly is symbolic of getting one’s desires come true. It additionally implies that optimistic change or transformation is on the horizon.

The Aboriginals tattooed dragonflies on their pores and skin to characterize freedom and enlightenment. The religious which means of dragonflies is the sunshine of God. It additionally means wanting inside and dancing – identical to a dragonfly.

To a warrior and fighter, a dragonfly tattoo represents agility, energy, pace, victory, and braveness. It additionally symbolizes rebirth, immortality, transformation, adaptation, and religious awakening.

woman getting a tattoo

In lots of Asian international locations, dragonfly tattoos are an emblem of prosperity, good luck, and concord. In addition they characterize renewal after nice arduous work or loss. Have you ever determined to get a dragonfly tattoo? It’s a nice alternative!

Dragonflies symbolize many things- and like with most symbols, the which means and interpretation of a dragonfly tattoo can change. Subsequently, you will need to focus on your imaginative and prescient with a tattoo artist.

Ask your tattoo artist to depict the dragonfly with delicate fantastic strains, gossamer-thin and opalescent wings, and slender physique. If potential, ask to see pattern pictures of dragonfly tattoos – shouldn’t be too troublesome since dragonflies are a frequent insect topic of tattoo artwork.


As will be seen, dragonfly symbolism has completely different meanings in numerous cultures. It primarily represents change and transformation. It additionally means religious progress and lightness of being.

Whether or not you’ve been dreaming of dragonflies, or want to get a dragonfly tattoo, we hope this information helps you reply the query of what do dragonflies characterize?


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