what is the symbol called in english

what is the symbol called in english

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Used to check two comparable concepts or means “round” (e.g. ~3 hours)

Accent marks (usually not utilized in English)

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Used rather than “Quantity” (e.g. We’re #1). # known as “sharp” in music and “hashtag” in Twitter, however mostly simply referred to as “hash” in on a regular basis speech. It’s appropriate title, apparently, is simply ‘quantity signal’

Used to point out exponents in math (e.g. 10^3 is 10*10*10) or in handwriting as a approach to insert one thing between what has already been written

To point further notes/particular circumstances and so forth.

For additional clarification of topics (like on this reply) or utilized in an “as a facet word” type of style

Used to group concepts into one, typically utilized in notes to make clear sure passages

Used alternatively with parentheses to suit concepts into concepts [Like here’s the main idea (but here’s a side note [and another note inside here)]. { and } are usually referred to as “curly brackets” however in maths they’re referred to as braces

Used when quoting a quote (For those who cite a passage which comprises quotes already) and in contractions (apostrophe). ‘ is an inverted comma

Used to cite somebody and to point out dialogue in a narrative. Known as quote-unquote in spoken dialogue. “ is a double inverted comma, also known as ‘speech marks’

Utilized in math for division and fractions, additionally to separate elements of a date (Like 11/28/2019), and as conjunction like “or”.

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Used primarily in coding for numerous features

The commonest use of the semicolon is to hitch collectively two clauses that might every be separate sentences — creating an extended sentence. For instance:

John calls it soccer; Sam calls it soccer.

The semicolon can be generally used to hitch two clauses, altering the sentence together with phrases like ‘due to this fact’, ‘nevertheless’ or ‘alternatively’. The examples under illustrate this strategy:


Sian is Welsh; nevertheless, she lives in Canada.

as well as

He likes to play video video games; as well as, he likes to learn classical literature.

in any other case

You need to cease ingesting an excessive amount of alcohol; in any other case, you’re going to get into hassle.

due to this fact

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Tons of of individuals got here to the celebration; due to this fact, it was not potential to say hi there to everybody individually.

One frequent use of the colon is to introduce an inventory of things.

To make the right jam sandwich you want three issues: some bread, butter and strawberry jam.

A colon may also be used to introduce a definition, assertion or clarification of one thing.

I understand how I’m going to deal with this: I’m going to cover!

Penguin (noun): an aquatic, flightless hen discovered nearly solely within the Antarctic.

Parentheses (at all times utilized in pairs) enable a author to offer extra info. The parenthetical materials is likely to be a single phrase, a fraction, or a number of full sentences.

Used after an interjection or exclamation to point robust emotions or excessive quantity, or to point out emphasis, and sometimes marks the top of a sentence

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