what is the symbolic meaning of frankincense

what is the symbolic meaning of frankincense

Plant title (Latin): Boswellia carterii Plant household: Burseraceae Native area: Limestone-rich areas of the Arabian Peninsula, India, and Northern Africa Rising behavior: Brief, scrubby tree with darkish inexperienced leaves that develop in pairs Components used: Resin (dried sap) Important oil extraction methodology: Steam distillation of dried resin

About Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is an fragrant resin that has been used for five,000 years for its medicinal and aromatic properties. Typically often called one of many items the Magi delivered to Jesus, frankincense was utilized in spiritual and religious rituals everywhere in the world. Now a preferred ingredient in skincare, frankincense has a heat, woodsy and spicy aroma that grounds and calms the thoughts.

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Frankincense oil

Why Use Frankincense

A spicy, heat and woody important oil that comforts the nerves and eases the thoughts. Rejuvenating and nourishing for the pores and skin, it’s a widespread ingredient in pores and skin take care of dry and mature pores and skin.

How Frankincense is Made

Boswellia bushes (which produce frankincense) develop solely in Southern Arabia, India, and Northern Africa. In historic instances, the recognition of frankincense and the the restricted rising space for the bushes made this area of the world very rich. They like a limestone-rich soil, and sometimes develop in awkward locations like rocky hillsides and cliffs, which make harvesting the precious frankincense a harmful activity.

Boswellia bushes are scrubby deciduous (they lose their leaves every year) bushes that may develop to 2 to eight metres (7 to 23 ft) tall. Much like how maple syrup is comprised of tapped tree sap, frankincense is harvested from Boswellia bushes twice a yr. The tree bark is minimize, permitting the white, milky sap to seep out.

Because it dries, the sap hardens into frankincense, a resin that may be chopped off the tree in chunks. The chunks of frankincense could be burned as incense, or processed into important oil. Chunks of frankincense vary in color from silvery-white to brown, and look a bit like small pebbles, or irregular gummy sweet. To make frankincense important oil, the resin is crushed and steam-distilled.

Frankincense in Ayurveda

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Frankincense is believed to have a sattwic, or purifying impact on the thoughts and nervous system. Frankincense is believed to:

  • Pacify vata dosha (calming and replenishing the thoughts and nervous system)
  • Revitalize and uplift, serving to to clear extra kapha (thereby serving to to alleviate exhaustion, psychological fatigue and melancholy)
  • Cleanse the respiratory tract (a major web site of kapha) and can assist deal with respiratory discomfort

Frankincense Oil in Conventional Chinese language Medication

In conventional Chinese language medication, frankincense is called Ru Xiang, and is taken into account to be acrid, bitter in flavour and heat in nature. It’s believed to enter the guts, liver and spleen channels. It’s thought to invigorate the blood, promote the motion of Qi, and cease ache.

The symbolism of frankincense

Utilized in spiritual and religious rituals for 1000’s of years, frankincense is a logo of holiness and righteousness. As a result of it’s so aromatic when burnt, it was utilized by historic folks as a non secular providing. In Christian symbolism, frankincense can signify Christ’s sacrifice.

In magical traditions, frankincense is related to the factor fireplace, the Solar, and is considered masculine in nature. In historic Egypt, frankincense was burnt to honour Ra and Baal. Frankincense is believed to have robust vibrations that drive away unfavourable energies when burned, and is subsequently very helpful in religious rituals and meditation.

The Historical past of Frankincense

Frankincense close up macro shot

Frankincense has been traded in Somalia, North Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula for greater than 5,000 years, and has performed an necessary half within the financial and religious historical past of the world.

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In historic instances, the event of frankincense commerce routes helped make Southern Arabia very wealthy. In actual fact, in 100 AD, the Roman botanist Pliny the Elder stated that commerce in frankincense had made the Southern Arabians the richest folks on this planet. The necessity to transport frankincense shortly and simply could have assist spur the domestication of camels as a pack animal. Camels are ideally suited to hold heavy hundreds (like frankincense) lengthy distances throughout the desert.

In Egypt, a mural within the temple of historic Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut, who died in 1458 BC, reveals stacks of frankincense being traded. The Egyptians used frankincense in some ways: as a key ingredient in embalming; for incense, insect repellent, fragrance and salves for wounds and sores. It was additionally used as an ingredient in kohl (eyeliner), which can have helped shield Egyptians from the glare of the solar, desert mud and eye infections.

There are various mentions of frankincense within the Hebrew bible. Gold, frankincense and myrrh (additionally a kind of tree resin) had been the items given to child Jesus by the three clever males.

The Roman Emperor Nero (the one who famously fiddled whereas Rome burned) is alleged to have burned a complete yr’s manufacturing of frankincense on the funeral of his favorite concubine. This completely disrupted the frankincense economic system for a yr, till the following harvest.

Within the Center Ages, the Franks (the folks of what’s now fashionable France and Germany) popularized frankincense in Western Europe. A standard principle is that frankincense will get its title from the Franks, however actually, its title comes from the Previous French time period, fanc encens, actually that means “high-quality incense”.

Immediately, frankincense continues for use world wide in conventional medication, in spiritual rituals, and as a invaluable fragrance and incense.

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