what is the white cheese used in mexican restaurants

what is the white cheese used in mexican restaurants

One of many main variations between genuine Mexican meals and Tex-Mex meals is the presence of cheese. People love cheese—and we actually love so as to add a variety of it to our Tex-Mex meals! However there are numerous, many styles of cheese on this world. In case you’re studying the menu at a Tex-Mex restaurant and an entrée is claimed to come back with “shredded cheese” or “cheese sauce,” you may all the time ask your server for clarification. Nonetheless, it might even be useful to know which sorts of cheeses are most incessantly utilized in Tex-Mex cooking. Listed below are “the massive three” to concentrate on:

“Yellow” Cheese

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That is in all probability the commonest kind of cheese you’ll see in Tex-Mex dishes; when individuals visualize the plates of meals, the entrées (and sides) are normally lined with the stuff! Most of the time, “yellow” cheese merely refers to shredded cheddar cheese—which, in fact, is a decidedly non-Mexican ingredient. Enjoyable reality: cheddar cheese (and lots of different laborious cheeses) are usually fairly low in lactose. Which means that many of us who’re lactose illiberal can digest cheddar cheese with out having “tummy hassle” in a while. That’s not a hard-and-fast rule, although; some individuals are a lot extra delicate to lactose than others.

Cheddar cheese is obtainable in various levels of sharpness. Tex-Mex meals are likely to favor “delicate” cheddar, although some locations use “sharp” cheddar to provide their dishes an additional “chew.” “Further sharp” cheddar cheese does exist, however it’s normally higher for snacking somewhat than garnishing. In case you’re not cautious, it may well fully overwhelm a dish!

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Monterey Jack

In case you order meals at a Tex-Mex restaurant and it comes topped with shredded or melted white cheese, you’re in all probability coping with Monterey Jack. One of these cheese is actually an American and Mexican hybrid; it was first created by Mexican Franciscan friars in Monterey, California within the 18th century, however an American entrepreneur named David Jacks “launched” it to the remainder of California—and, by extension, the remainder of America. Or perhaps it was another person; historical past’s not fairly clear on the topic!


No matter its origins, Monterey Jack is widespread in Tex-Mex cooking as a result of it melts very simply and tends to have a extra delicate taste than even delicate cheddar cheese. Monterey Jack additionally blends properly with different cheeses and seasonings; essentially the most prevalent variations embody Colby-Jack, Cheddar-Jack, and Pepper-Jack. This sort of cheese is very widespread in queso dips and cheese sauces. Cheddar could be the #1 cheese related to Tex-Mex cuisines, however Monterey Jack must be thought of a really shut second.

Queso Blanco tex-mex dinner

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Actually, “white cheese.” Queso blanco is definitely identifiable by its snow-white colour and crumply texture. It additionally has a particularly delicate taste that’s each candy and salty, and it’ll soften with out really melting when uncovered to warmth. Queso blanco is a really previous, very conventional Mexican meals versus Tex-Mex; “genuine” Mexican eating places will usually use these items as a substitute of another type of cheese—in the event that they use cheese in any respect.

Queso blanco is likely one of the simpler cheeses to create at residence from scratch; it doesn’t require a lot in the way in which of apparatus or preparation. In case you’d prefer to strive your hand at cheese-making, a easy net search will convey up dozens of tutorials with straightforward recipes and directions. Shopping for queso blanco ready-made is clearly a lot simpler and handy, however making ready it by yourself can undoubtedly be a enjoyable and attention-grabbing challenge.


Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and queso blanco aren’t the one cheeses that you simply’ll ever see on a Tex-Mex plate, however they’re undoubtedly the commonest. And whereas queso blanco is an genuine Mexican meals, cheddar cheese is English in origin, and Monterey Jack has each Mexican and American roots. After all, Tex-Mex meals is—at its very core—a scrumptious mix of each Ango-American and Mexican cooking traditions. Cheese is only one ingredient that helps the 2 exist in excellent concord!


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