what is the white cutting board used for

what is the white cutting board used for

For those who work with meals, guaranteeing it’s ready safely should be a high precedence. A kitchen setting can current many hazards to meals security, so it’s very important that you just management these to forestall them inflicting hurt to shoppers.

One widespread approach of decreasing meals security hazards is by utilizing color coded chopping boards. These are a vital part of meals security and the colors imply that they are often simply recognized in a busy kitchen.

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For those who’re a meals handler, it’s essential to know which color chopping board it’s best to use for which objects of meals and be certain that you by no means combine them up.

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What are the Sorts of Chopping Boards and Their Makes use of?

The completely different chopping board colors exist for the aim of meals security. In a colored chopping board system, every board is used for a special kind of meals or meals teams. For instance, a crimson chopping board has a special use to a inexperienced chopping board.

Utilizing colored boards helps to minimise the danger of cross-contamination by guaranteeing that top and low danger meals, akin to uncooked meat and salad greens, are stored separate. In flip, this helps to forestall outbreaks of meals poisoning and upholds a great enterprise repute.

In addition to this, colored boards additionally assist to forestall cross-contact between allergens. For instance, utilizing completely different boards for dairy-free and dairy cheeses will help to maintain dairy allergy victims secure and preserve their confidence in your meals institution.

So, what are the varieties of chopping boards and what are their makes use of?

A group of coloured chopping boards in a catering kitchen

Purple Chopping Board

A crimson chopping board is used for uncooked meat and poultry. Examples of while you would use this board embody to chop up meat previous to cooking it, to marinate meat, or to debone a chunk of meat.

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You need to use this board every time it is advisable work with uncooked meat. That is important for stopping cross contamination between uncooked meat and ready-to-eat meals.

Yellow Chopping Board

A yellow chopping board is used for cooked meat and poultry. For instance, cooked meats like ham, salami, and turkey slices. Meat that you’ve got cooked and that you just’d wish to slice or debone, akin to a joint of beef or a complete hen, are additionally included.

The yellow chopping board should solely be used for cooked meat. Uncooked meat should be ready individually, on the crimson chopping board, to keep away from cross-contamination.

If it is advisable lower or put together cooked fish, akin to slicing a salmon fillet or deboning a chunk of trout, you then also needs to use the yellow chopping board. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t use it for uncooked fish.

Blue Chopping Board

It’s best to use a blue chopping board for uncooked fish, together with shellfish. For instance, you’d use it for fish akin to cod, haddock, and pollock, for greasy fish akin to tuna, salmon, and mackerel, and shellfish akin to prawns, squid, and mussels.

Cutting raw fish on a blue chopping board

White Chopping Board

A white chopping board is used for dairy and bakery objects. This implies you need to use it for chopping bread, desserts, and pastries. You can too use it for dairy objects akin to grating or chopping cheese.

It’s best to at all times keep in mind to scrub your chopping boards between makes use of and particularly when you’ve got had meals on them that comprises an allergen. It may very well be deadly to organize bread on an unwashed white board that you just used for cheese, for instance.

Inexperienced Chopping Board

A inexperienced chopping board is used for washed fruits and salad greens. It’s best to use this board for chopping up fruit, akin to apples, bananas, and strawberries, and when chopping up salad objects, like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber.

Brown Chopping Board

A brown chopping board needs to be used when you find yourself dealing with unwashed root greens. For instance, when you find yourself chopping potatoes, grating carrots, or slicing beetroot. Root greens typically nonetheless have soil on them, so utilizing a brown chopping board helps to make sure that this grime doesn’t come into contact with different meals.

Dirty potatoes on a brown chopping board

Purple Chopping Board

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It’s best to use a purple board for getting ready free-from merchandise, akin to gluten-free bread. Not solely is that this good observe, however it may additionally forestall a deadly response for individuals who undergo with allergic reactions. It’s important that you just take steps to forestall cross-contact and allergic reactions.

When Ought to I Change a Chopping Board?

Having color coded chopping boards is vital for retaining meals secure from microbial cross-contamination and allergenic cross-contact. Nonetheless, it’s equally vital to repeatedly substitute your chopping boards, particularly when they’re changing into previous and worn.

There are two methods you’ll be able to establish whether or not it’s best to substitute your chopping board:

  • If it has deep knife scratches on it. Knife scores are unavoidable on chopping boards resulting from their goal. Nonetheless, in case you discover a lot of knife scores or some which can be notably deep within the board then it’s time so that you can substitute it. Deep knife scores are the proper place for micro organism to exist and multiply and it’s tough to wash these scores out absolutely.
  • If it now not sits flat in your work floor. Typically when a chopping board has been cleaned a lot of occasions it turns into misshapen and bends, fairly than sitting flatly on a floor as supposed. At this level the chopping board turns into harmful and it’s best to substitute it. If it doesn’t sit flat on the floor, it may simply transfer when you find yourself chopping one thing and due to this fact poses a hazard to you.

It is usually a great precautionary measure to switch your colored boards in case you discover that anyone has been mixing them up, for instance if they’ve been utilizing a inexperienced board to chop uncooked meat.

Free Chopping Board Colors Poster

We’ve created a poster that explains the varieties of chopping board and their makes use of. You’ll be able to obtain this without spending a dime and show it in your office to present individuals a continuing reminder of what boards they need to use and when.

Chopping Board Colors Poster

Whereas these colors are principally used for these functions, it could be the case that you just use the boards for various issues. For instance, utilizing white for greens and brown for bread. You might be allowed to do that, however it’s essential to guarantee that you’re constant along with your makes use of. You need to at all times use the identical color chopping board for a similar meals group. For instance, you can’t use the identical color for each cooked meat and dairy.

Color coded chopping boards are a vital element of any catering kitchen. They assist to maintain your meals and your clients secure by minimising the danger of microbial cross-contamination and allergenic cross-contact. Bear in mind to at all times be constant along with your colors and substitute boards when they’re worn.

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