what is the yellow tube used for in phlebotomy

what is the yellow tube used for in phlebotomy


EVACUATED BLOOD COLLECTION TUBE GUIDE. Listed in Order of Draw for Blood Assortment Tubes and Syringe Collections.


Blood Tradition Bottles are ALWAYS drawn previous to different labs to scale back contamination. .

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Royal Blue No additive (serum); particular glass and stopper materials 7.0 mL Most drug ranges, toxicology screens, and hint components Pink No additive 7.0 mL Cryoglobulins and CH50 Mild Blue 3.2% Sodium Citrate 4.5 mL PT, PTT, TCT, CMV buffy coat, Issue ExerciseTube MUST be stuffed 100% – No exceptions! Gold High (Serum Separator, “SST”) Gold Top (SST) Comprises separating gel and clot activator 6.0 mL Most chemistry, endocrine and serology assessments, together with Hepatitis and HIV Mild Blue – Yellow Label on Tube FDP (Light Blue Top with Yellow Label) Thrombin 2.0 mL For FDP take a look at ONLY; Receive tube from Core Lab Coag; Enable to Clot Inexperienced Sodium heparin(100 USP Models) 5.0 mL Ammonia, Lactate, HLA Typing Tan Tan Top

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5.0 mL Lead ranges Yellow Yellow Top ACD Answer A consists of trisodium citrate, citric acid and dextrose 8.5 mL DNA Research, HIV Cultures Pink Pink Top (K2)EDTA Attracts 6 mL – Minimal 4 mL Blood kind & Display screen, Compatibility Examine, Direct CoombsHIV Viral Load Pearl High (Plasma Preparation, “PPT”) Pearl Top Separating gel and (K2)EDTA 4.0 mL Adenovirus PCRToxoplasma PCRHHV-6 PCR Lavender (“Purple”) Lavender (Purple) Top (K2)EDTA 3.0 mL CBC/Diff/Retic/Sed Fee, FK506, Cyclosporin, Platelet Ab, Coombs, Movement Cytometry

NOTE: All tubes sterile.

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Customary order of draw: BLOOD CULTURES, royal blue, crimson, mild blue, SST (Gold), inexperienced, tan, yellow, pink, pearl, lavender. If a coag tube (mild blue) is the one tube or the primary tube to be drawn, a 5 mL discard tube have to be drawn first.

Blood Tradition Choices (Specify Tradition Kind when Ordering)

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