what is toor dal called in english

what is toor dal called in english

different types of dals, list of lentils, beans, and pulses in English and Hindi

India is house to many various styles of lentils, dried beans, pulses, and legumes. Do you know when a recipe requires “yellow dal”, it will probably truly be one in every of 5-6 several types of lentils — moong, arhar, chana, urad, masoor. Or that moong itself could be of three varieties — entire inexperienced gram, cut up inexperienced gram, cut up and skinned inexperienced gram?

This web page is a glossary and listing of several types of Indian lentils (dals), beans, and pulses with their English and Hindi names with pictures. The place potential frequent names in different languages are additionally added. Not like the listing of Indian spices web page, I’ve added a column for instructed recipes as properly right here which I’ll maintain updating as and once I add extra lentil and pulses recipes.

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Lentils, Beans, Pulses, and Legumes

Technically there’s a distinction in all these phrases. The under determine from newurbanhabitat.com explains the distinction (or quite the connection) between lentils, beans, pulses, and legumes pretty properly.

Difference between Lentils, Beans, and Pulses
Distinction between Lentils, Beans, and Pulses. Supply: newurbanhabitat.com

Lentils are a sort of pulses like purple lentils, moong, yellow gram, cut up chickpea, pigeon peas and so forth. Dried beans like purple kidney beans, black eyed peas, pinto beans, black beans, are additionally a sort of pulses. Pulses additionally embrace chickpeas, dried peas.

Legumes are any plant that grows in pods instance recent beans, soybean, recent peas, peanuts and so forth. The dry edible seeds throughout the pods are referred to as pulses.

What’s dal? A enjoyable play of phrases

Dal or daal is the generic Hindi phrase for Lentil. However dal refers each to the raw dry lentil and in addition the cooked lentil curry.

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You want dal to cook dinner dal. That’s, you want lentils to cook dinner lentil curry . I do generally say “dal curry” for ease of understanding for non-Hindi audio system however truly dal curry may simply translate to curry curry :-).

I hope this listing of all kinds of dals/lentils, beans, and pulses in Hindi and English is useful.


S.No.IMAGEENGLISH NAMEHINDI NAMESUGGESTED RECIPESPLIT & SKINNED LENTILS1split pigeon pea lentil in Hindi arhar or toor dalYellow cut up Pigeon peasArhar dal, Toor dal, Tuvar dalDal Fry Methi Dal Tadka Multigrain Khichdi Saffron Dal2yellow lentils in Hindi moong dalCut up & skinned inexperienced gram, yellow lentilsMoong dal, Mung dalMethi Dal Tadka Socca with vegetable salad Vegan lentil pancake Dill and Lentil curry Moong Dal Halwa (Pudding)3red lentils in Hindi lal masoorCrimson lentilsLal masoor dalVegan Crimson Lentil Soup Assamese Boror Tenga4split and skinned black gram in Hindi urad dalCut up & skinned black gramUrad dalBhuni Urad Dal Bohri Patli dal5Split Bengal gram lentilChana dalDal Kanda | Dry Chana Dal Dhabey waali Blended Dal Bohri Patli dal6Split inexperienced pigeon peasHara tuvarSPLIT LENTILS7Split inexperienced gramMoong dal chilkaMoong dal chilka Curry8Split Black gramUrad dal chilkaMultigrain KhichdiWHOLE LENTILS & PULSES9Green Gram, Mung beanSabut moong, hari moong dalSprouted Moong stir fry Inexperienced Mung beans curry Lentil & Brown Rice Khichdi Moong sprout salad10Black GramSabut urad dal, maa ki dalDal Makhani Blended Dal11Indian Brown LentilsKali MasoorBrown rice and lentil pilaf12Horse GramKulthiLentil Salad with Roasted vegetables13Moth bean, Turkish gram, dew beanMoth dal, mat, matkiLentil & Brown Rice Khichdi14Chickpeas, Garbanzo beansKabuli chana, CholeAmritsari Chole Masala Roasted Chickpea Quinoa Bowl Moroccan Chickpea Tagine Candy Potato & Chickpea Curry in Coconut Milk Spinach Salad with Roasted Chickpeas Chana Masala15Black chickpeasKale chaneBlack Chickpeas Curry Chana Pulao16Green ChickpeasHare Chane17Red Kidney BeansRajmaRajma Chawal Black Blended Dal Bulgur and Beans Burger18Pinto Beansalso referred to as Rajma however mild brown in colorLoaded Nachos with Beans chili Southwestern Type Beans Salad19Adzuki beansChota rajmaBlack combined lentil curry20White Kidney BeansSafed RajmaWhite Beans Soup21Black Kidney beans, Black Turtle BeansKala Rajma22Black Eyed PeasLobia, Chavle, RaungiBulgur and Beans Burger23Dried inexperienced peasSukhe hare matar, hara vatana24Dried white peasSukhe safed matar, safed vatana

The best way to cook dinner lentils and different pulses

In a daily house kitchen, the technical distinction between lentils, beans, and pulses will not be of a lot significance or use. They’re all saved in air-tight containers on the identical shelf proper subsequent to one another.

When it comes to cooking occasions and recipe, I really feel categorizing them as entire (with pores and skin) and cut up and skinned (yellow/ purple/ white) is extra sensible.

Complete lentils (with pores and skin) and dried beans and peas are related of their cooking occasions and sometimes the identical primary recipe can be utilized for all. In addition they should be soaked in a single day or for 8-10 hours for higher cooking. Since they’re entire seeds, these lentils and beans may also be sprouted. Sprouting lentils and beans not solely will increase their protein content material, it additionally makes them simpler to digest.

Cut up and Skinned lentils like yellow moong, purple lentils, pigeon peas, white urad and so forth are related of their cooking occasions. They are often soaked for almost 3-4 hours and even lesser. Lentils like purple lentils (masoor), yellow moong dal, and arhar dal (cut up pigeon pea) could be cooked with simply 30 minutes of soaking time.

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Cut up lentils with pores and skin like cut up black lentils and cut up inexperienced moong lentil fall in-between the 2 :-).

Dal Recipes

Whereas I’ve put hyperlinks for various sorts dal recipes or lentil recipes, they don’t seem to be restricted to only one sort of lentil. For instance, whereas I’ve used yellow moong dal for spinach dal, the identical recipe can be utilized with arhar, or chana, or urad or in truth any of the dals. Similar with dal fry, methi dal tadka, or suva dal; they are often made with any yellow cut up and skinned lentils.

Some recipes are particular, like Dal kanda is made with Chana dal or the Bohri Patli dal is made with a mixture of white urad dal and chana dal (skinned black gram and skinned Bengal gram) or Dal makhani is made with black gram or sabut urad dal.

Join with me

Identical to the listing of Indian spices and the listing of millets and flours, that is an ongoing listing. I might love your solutions on adjustments, additions, and enhancements to make this listing useful for all. When you discover something lacking or corrections, please do let me know in feedback.

I might like to study your completely different dal recipes too! Share your recipe hyperlink within the feedback or join with me on Fb, Twitter, or Pinterest. Or be a part of our latest journey into Recipe Movies.

Disclaimer: A lot of the images on this web page are my very own apart from just a few lentils which I didn’t have at house. These few have been taken from the web and used right here solely for non-commercial data goal solely.


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