what is vaseline gauze used for

what is vaseline gauze used for

By Keval Parikh and James McGuire DPM, PT, CPed, FAPWHc

There are a lot of completely different sorts of wound dressings accessible. Selecting one to make use of is determined by the distinctive traits of the wound. Based on Watson and Hodgkin, the perfect wound dressing ought to exhibit a variety of traits by offering the next: moisture and exudate administration, prevention of saturation and strikethrough, diffusion of wound gases, microorganism safety, mechanical safety; localized temperature and pH management; removing/change consolation; wound odor administration; beauty acceptability; non-allergenic composition; non-contamination of the wound mattress; and cost-effectiveness.1

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Traditionally, gauze dressings in varied types have been used for the administration of most wounds. These dressings nonetheless stay probably the most accessible and least costly of all of the dressings. The issues related to removing of gauze, and particularly moist to dry dressings, are well-known and embrace ache and tissue injury. This weblog is concerning using one of many very early contact dressings used to forestall gauze from sticking to the wound and to try to take care of a moist wound floor, specifically petroleum gauze, or petrolatum impregnated gauze dressings.

Overview and Indications

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There are a lot of causes for wound deterioration similar to desiccation and trauma from dressing removing. Petrolatum impregnated gauze was developed to handle these two facets to improved wound therapeutic. Pores and skin floor breakdown results in a buildup of necrotic mobile particles and an elevated alternative for micro organism to kind biofilms on the wound. Petrolatum gauze by advantage of its restricted pore dimension prevents fast evaporation from the wound and likewise prevents absorption by the secondary dressing of topical lotions and ointments utilized to handle moisture or biofilm points. The petrolatum coating additionally supplies a hydrophilic non-adherent contact layer permitting the secondary dressing to be eliminated with out trauma to the granulation mattress, selling sooner therapeutic.2 The dressing additionally conforms to the form of the physique half, which is useful for wounds situated for instance, on the heel or posterior Achilles.


Petrolatum gauze additionally has its limitations. It’s contraindicated in sufferers which have third-degree burns, long-term dressing modifications, or closely exudating wounds.3


The appliance of a petrolatum gauze wound dressing is much like any non-adhesive dressing. Being conscious of the contraindications, the petrolatum gauze is utilized over the wound mattress and wrapped with extra compressive dressings to maintain the realm occluded. Petrolatum dressings can be found in a a number of codecs and can be found from a variety of producers.

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In regards to the Authors:Keval Parikh Keval Parikh is a 3rd yr podiatric medical pupil at Temple College in Philadelphia, PA. Keval graduated from Rutgers College in New Brunswick, NJ with a level in Cell biology and Neuroscience. Keval needed to broaden his schooling and took on a minor in Philosophy, which might educate him concerning the ethics and morals of constructing selections.

Dr. James McGuire is the director of the Leonard S. Abrams Middle for Superior Wound Therapeutic and an affiliate professor of the Division of Podiatric Medication and Orthopedics on the Temple College Faculty of Podiatric Medication in Philadelphia.

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