What To Plant With Tomatoes In Raised Mattress: 23 Greatest Tomato Companion Vegetation

What To Plant With Tomatoes In Raised Bed
What To Plant With Tomatoes In Raised Mattress – plantsheaven.com.

Tomatoes are a favourite of younger and outdated alike and the preferred vegetable to develop in a house backyard. They’re simple to develop and really productive. Understanding what to plant with tomatoes in raised beds will show you how to get probably the most taste and the most important harvest attainable out of your vegetation.

Try this listing of finest tomato companion vegetation (you in all probability already develop a few of these) so you possibly can have an plentiful harvest of contemporary tomatoes this gardening season.

A tomato plant plus one in all these companion vegetation could be good to develop in a small raised mattress or container. Splendid for rising on a balcony, deck, or different small outside area.

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What’s Companion Planting?

Companion planting is the tactic of rising vegetation shut to one another in your vegetable backyard so the vegetation can profit from one another. Some companion planting advantages embrace deterring pests, enhancing plant development or vegetable manufacturing, attracting helpful bugs and pollinators, and even stopping illness (Supply: College of Minnesota)

Advantages of Tomato Companion Vegetation

Tomatoes, borage, and squash are typical companion planting trios, primarily resulting from timing. Borage is among the many most pollinators that repel tomato hornworms (Supply: Iowa State College)

Companion vegetation can enhance tomato plant well being and yields in a number of methods. Extra companion planting advantages embrace enhanced soil and attracting pollinators, pest and weed management, and illness prevention.

In response to a examine, companion planting is a non-chemical, ecologically-sound option to handle pests.

Listed below are the most typical companion vegetation for tomatoes:

1- Basil

Basil is an herb that may improve the flavour of tomatoes rising on the plant and after harvesting in your favourite recipe.

As well as, basil is an efficient tomato companion plant as a result of the herb repels bugs that prefer to feast on the plant.

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2Bush Beans

Bush beans develop on a brief bush that is still round 2 toes tall and a pair of toes huge. When planted close to tomatoes, the bushes will improve the air circulation across the taller rising tomato vegetation.

Bush beans additionally is not going to block the solar from sun-loving tomato vegetation, and pollinating bees love the pollen-filled bean blooms.

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3- Black Eyed Peas

Often known as Cow Peas, are nice to plant as companions for tomatoes. The southern inexperienced stink bug, which likes to feed on tomato vegetation, might be lured away and feast on the Black Eyed Peas.

A number of the peas might be misplaced, however the tomatoes might be saved.

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4- Bee Balm

This engaging and aromatic flower attracts pollinators and improves tomato taste. Bee Balm is an easy-care flower that blooms all summer time.

The leaves will be dried and used to make tea. Bee balm additionally provides different well being advantages, together with serving to with digestive points, sore throats, bloating, and nausea. Bee balm is a pure antiseptic when used topically; it might probably assist with bee stings and minor wounds.

5- Borage

This herb plant improves the plant’s development and enhances the tomatoes’ taste. Plant borage with tomatoes in raised beds to repel hornworms.

Folks additionally use borage flowers and leaves for cough, fever, and melancholy.

6- Carrots 

This root crop will assist maintain the soil free when planted in raised beds with tomatoes. These two veggies will be planted shut collectively because the carrots don’t want plenty of solar to develop, they usually received’t hinder the roots of the tomato vegetation from rising.

Try this information on rising hydroponic carrots if you happen to determine to develop carrots hydroponically.

7- Cilantro

The scent of cilantro masks the scent of tomato vegetation, so predatory pests have a tougher time discovering tomatoes.

Cilantro blooms additionally entice parasitic wasps that feed on tomato hornworms.

8- Clover

Clover gives nitrogen to the soil and prevents weed development. The aromatic clover blooms additionally entice pollinators like bumble bees and different helpful bugs.

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What To Plant With Tomatoes In Raised Bed
What To Plant With Tomatoes In Raised Mattress – plantsheaven.com.


Plant chives with tomatoes in raised beds to enhance taste and entice pollinators. Chives take up little or no backyard area and will be inter-planted within the raised mattress with tomatoes.

Permit a number of the chives to bolt and produce flowers to draw bees and butterflies.

10- Coneflowers

Often known as Echinacea, this beautiful flower will entice bees, butterflies, and birds to your vegetable backyard.

The extra pollinators that go to your tomato vegetation, the extra tomatoes you’ll harvest.

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11- Dill

Younger dill vegetation make nice companions for tomatoes grown in raised beds. Dill repels aphids which like to suck the sap from tender plant development.

The herb additionally attracts helpful backyard bugs like Ladybugs and Praying Mantis.

12- Garlic

The scent of garlic bulbs repels pink spider mites, rabbits, and deer. If these pests go to your raised beds, plant garlic across the perimeter of your tomato mattress.

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13Lemon Balm

This lemony herb will enhance the flavour and manufacturing of tomatoes. The plant can be a bee magnet, so pollination might be improved.

14- Lettuce

Low-growing lettuce creates a residing mulch for tomato vegetation to assist maintain the soil cool and moist. The lettuce vegetation additionally profit from being planted within the shade of taller tomato vegetation.

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15- Marigolds 

The scent of this flower retains pests away, and ought to be planted within the corners of raised beds the place tomatoes are being grown.

Dwarf marigolds take up little or no backyard area and can repel pests and cut back root-knot nematodes within the soil.

16- Mint

Plant mint below the tomato vegetation within the raised beds. The mint will encourage extra plant development and tomato manufacturing.

The mint vegetation path alongside the highest of the soil and act as a residing mulch.

17- Nasturtium

This flower seems to be beautiful when planted in raised beds with tomatoes, and nasturtiums additionally function a entice crop for aphids.

Nasturtiums are edible and make a fairly and attractive addition to salads.

18- Oregano

Permit this aromatic herb to bolt and produce flowers that may entice pollinators to the tomato vegetation.

Oregano requires little or no water, so it received’t rob tomato vegetation of soil moisture.

19- Parsley

Parsely will entice aphids and maintain them off the tomato vegetation. Parsley additionally attracts hoverflies that eat aphids all through the raised mattress backyard.

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What To Plant With Tomatoes In Raised Bed
What To Plant With Tomatoes In Raised Mattress – plantsheaven.com.

20- Radishes

Plant radishes close to the bottom of tomato vegetation in raised beds to behave as sacrificial vegetation for flea beetles. Flea beetles can destroy tomato vegetation however will select radishes earlier than tomatoes. 

This root crop additionally helps stop soil compaction.

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21- Sunflowers

Sunflowers entice pollinators and repel aphids. Sunflowers are available in heights starting from 6 inches to six toes and are available in a number of colours and sizes. 

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22- Candy Alyssum

This ground-hugging, spreading plant will maintain the soil from drying out within the tomato mattress. The candy perfume additionally attracts parasitic wasps that eat aphids.

23- Thyme

This herb repels armyworms and stops them from laying eggs on tomato vegetation. Thyme additionally requires little or no water to develop and received’t take in all of the moisture from the soil.

Varieties of Tomatoes

The kind of tomato you develop in your raised mattress is a matter of non-public choice and the way you propose to make use of the tomatoes.

  • Indeterminate sorts ripen all through the summer time and produce vines that have to be supported.
  • Determinate sorts that develop on smaller vegetation and ripen . Splendid for preserving.
  • Tomato sizes vary from mini cherry tomatoes which can be the scale of grapes to giant slicing tomatoes that may develop to the scale of a dinner plate.
  • Tomato colours embrace pink, yellow, pink, orange, inexperienced, purple, black, and striped
  • Shapes embrace spherical, oval, pear, and cylindric.

Do Not Plant These Close to Tomatoes

Some vegetation make nice companions for tomatoes and will be planted in the identical raised mattress. Nonetheless, some vegetable and herb vegetation shouldn’t be planted close to tomatoes.

Listed below are some vegetable and herb vegetation that shouldn’t be planted close to tomatoes:

  • Different vegetation within the nightshade household shouldn’t be planted close to tomatoes. This household of greens is vulnerable to early and late blight, and planting the nightshade household of vegetation in the identical raised mattress will improve the possibilities of blight killing all of the vegetation. Nightshades embrace tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and potatoes.
    • The danger of a hornworm infestation will even improve if nightshade vegetation are close to one another.
  • Something within the Brassica household will stunt the expansion of tomato vegetation. Plant cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, turnips, rutabagas, and collards away from tomatoes.
  • Fennel secretes a substance from its roots that inhibits tomato plant development.
  • Corn and tomatoes have a standard enemy: a harmful worm identified by two totally different names – the corn earworm and the tomato fruitworm. It’s the identical worm, and the identify simply modifications based mostly on which vegetable plant the worm is attacking.