What greens develop nicely collectively in containers?

What herbs and greens develop nicely collectively in containers?

In plenty of methods, vegetation are identical to folks. That features how they relate to neighbors.

Some human neighbors make life higher with a smile and wave, keeping track of your home when you’re out of city, peace and quiet. Others put us on edge with limitless leaf blowing, barking canines …

Sounds annoying, proper? Nicely veggies are identical to us. Give them good neighbors they usually’ll be rather a lot happier, more healthy and productive.

veggies that grow well together in pots

Whereas there isn’t a ton of scientific proof behind companion planting theories, anecdotally farmers and gardeners have lengthy believed some vegetation pair higher than others.

Many imagine that companion vegetation can:

  • Assist vegetation produce extra
  • Hold pests away
  • Encourage pollination
  • Preserve very best moisture ranges
  • Improve soil vitamins

There are not any assured outcomes, however companion planting is a space-saving option to improve your vegetation’ surroundings.

Learn on for companion planting concepts on your container vegetable backyard!

6 veggie and herb combos that develop nicely collectively in containers

tomatoes growing on vine in containers

Tomatoes, basil and parsley

Tomatoes and herbs like basil and parsley are an ideal instance of companion vegetation:

  • They like the identical soil and water circumstances.
  • Their measurement and area wants make it attainable to mix in tight areas.
  • Basil repels bugs that generally trouble tomatoes, together with flies, whiteflies, aphids and hornworms.
  • Tall tomato vegetation can present partial shade for basil, which the herb likes within the warmth of summer time.

Tomatoes and chives

That is one other basic companion plant mixture. Chive is a member of the allium household, associated to garlic and onions (two extra tomato besties).

  • Identical causes as basil and parsley above …
  • And chives repel aphids and may improve the flavour of tomatoes rising close by.
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Salad greens, chives and herbs

lettuce companion plants in containers

Lettuce, spinach and different salad greens usually do nicely with herbs.

  • For one factor, their root methods are shallow and may thrive in smaller containers than bigger greens.
  • Additionally they usually have comparable vitamin, solar and water wants.
  • Chives and herbs like thyme and oregano also can repel pests.

Beans and squash

Ever heard of the Three Sisters? Beans, corn and squash are three staple greens which have been grown collectively for hundreds of years. Our mates on the Farmer’s Almanac inform the story very well.

Whereas corn will not be as generally grown in containers, beans and squash can simply be grown collectively in massive pots.

Squash contains summer time squash like zucchini, crookneck and patty pan. Winter squash varieties embody pumpkins, acorn and butternut squash.

Beans are nitrogen fixers, which means they take nitrogen from the air and deposit it within the soil. This advantages the squash, which has heavy nitrogen wants for producing lengthy vines and fruit.

  • Squash serves as a pure mulch for beans, holding in moisture and vitamins.
  • Each beans and squash can be found in vining and bush varieties. Select one in all every,  for instance bush beans and a vining summer time squash selection like little gem squash. This can take advantage of your container and deck area.

Okra, lettuce and basil

If you happen to’re within the south or one other heat local weather, you need to actually contemplate rising okra in your container backyard. It’s a novel, extremely productive addition to your different herbs and greens. Lettuce and herbs like basil make good neighbors for tall, lanky okra.

  • Okra units down an extended taproot and grows as excessive as 4 to six ft tall, offering partial shade for lettuce and basil. They like full solar however can profit from a breather mid-day within the hottest a part of the summer time.
  • Lettuce and basil each have shallower root methods that don’t compete with okra.
  • Basil, like different herbs, is understood to repel many pests and is an all-around good companion plant for a lot of greens.
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vegetables that grow well together in containers

Cucumbers, oregano and dill

Whereas sprawling cucumber vines could make them a problem in smaller container gardens, they’re attainable to develop when trellised and may profit from shut planting to oregano and dill.

  • Oregano repels many pests on account of its pungent oil.
  • Dill attracts helpful bugs.
  • The basis methods are complementary – cucumbers and oregano with extra shallow roots, dill with a deeper taproot.

Red and green cherry tomatoes in a black container - overlay text 6 awesome veggie and herb combos for pots

5 units of veggies to AVOID planting collectively in containers

Simply as there are good combos, there are additionally some to keep away from. So what veggies DON’T do nicely collectively?

Tomatoes and peppers

These two are a part of the nightshade household, which additionally contains potatoes and eggplant. Meaning they’re vulnerable to the identical ailments (like blight) and provides frequent pests like hornworms a beautiful place to arrange store.

Carrots, okra, and dill

All three produce a taproot, which makes for crowded containers and competitors for vitamin.

Beans and onions

These are likely to stunt every others’ progress when planted close by.

Lettuce and cabbage

Members of the brassica household, reminiscent of cabbage, broccoli and brussels sprouts, produce a secretion from their roots that may inhibit lettuce progress.

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Companion planting can assist your veggies develop nicely in pots and containers.

They can assist enhance manufacturing, repel pests and appeal to helpful bugs. In these tight areas, helpful neighbors are a great factor to hav