when telling time in spanish what is the phrase used to indicate that it

when telling time in spanish what is the phrase used to indicate that it

¿Que hora es? calls for a solution! And no, we’re not speaking concerning the Mexican cleaning soap opera for individuals who solely had 3 weeks of Spanish within the 4th grade (wink wink). In all seriousness, how do you reply to the query that has been on all people’s lips at one level? How do you inform time in Spanish? Effectively, it’s time (wink wink) to seek out out.

I do know what you assume and it’s true. We’re fortunate sufficient to reside in an period of fast technological developments. Even should you don’t personal a watch, you most likely have a smartphone. Asking or telling the time in Spanish or another language could seem out of date. However what in case your cellphone’s battery is lifeless? I for one had a reasonably attention-grabbing expertise once I needed to survive one week with no cellphone. I stored asking random individuals the time to ensure I wasn’t late and so they checked out me like I used to be some type of an alien. So yeah, understanding the right way to inform the time in Spanish could make all of the distinction!

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However first issues first.

¿Que hora es? – the right way to ask for the time in Spanish

In an effort to inform the time in Spanish, you’ll first should learn to correctly ask for the time in Spanish. You’ll be able to by no means be too cautious. I’m simply ensuring you’re not lacking that fiesta española you spent weeks occupied with!

Along with the now well-known ¿que hora es? which accurately interprets to “what hour is it?”, you may also ask ¿tiene hora? which is actually “do you could have the hour?”. Straightforward sufficient!

The fundamentals of Spanish time

To decir la hora (“inform the time”) in Spanish, there are just a few easy guidelines you’ll should know.

To start with, at all times use the verb ser. No, not estar, however ser. When you don’t know what Spanish verbs are all about, you would possibly need to verify this little information for rookies. To place it merely, time is a everlasting entity that requires the usage of the verb ser.

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Secondly, do not forget that solely when speaking about one o’clock, you’ll want to make use of the third particular person singular type of ser. For all the opposite eleven hours, you may safely go together with the plural kind. Right here’s the right way to inform the time in Spanish if the time is on the hour:

  • Es la una. – It’s one o’clock.
  • Son las dos. – It’s two o’clock.
  • Son las tres. – It’s three o’clock.
  • Son las cuatro. – It’s 4 o’clock.
  • Son las cinco. – It’s 5 o’clock.
  • Son las seis. – It’s six o’clock.
  • Son las siete. – It’s seven o’clock.
  • Son las ocho. – It’s eight o’clock.
  • Son las nueve. – It’s 9 o’clock.
  • Son las diez. – It’s ten o’clock.
  • Son las as soon as. – It’s eleven o’clock.
  • Son las doce. – It’s twelve o’clock.

As you may see, the female article (la/las) is used earlier than the quantity. Why is that? Effectively, as a result of it refers to la hora. However once more, do not forget that the singular kind la will solely be used within the case of “one o’clock” as a result of we’re speaking a couple of single hour.

Nota bene: When you choose to make use of the 24-hour clock, you need to say son las dieciséis (“it’s 16:00”) as an alternative of son las cuatro (“it’s 4 o’clock p.m.”). However that can require just a little extra learning in your half. Don’t fear although. Spanish numbers are simply as straightforward as studying the right way to inform the time. You’ll be able to grasp them with Mondly sooner than you may say Jack Robinson. You will get began right here.

How do you say the time in Spanish after 30?

Now, the time shouldn’t be at all times on the hour. So how do you say “half previous”, “quarter previous” and “quarter to” in Spanish? There are solely two new phrases it’s essential keep in mind: media and cuarto.

  • If it’s half previous the hour in Spanish, use the phrase y media;
  • If it’s a quarter previous the hour, use the phrase y cuarto;
  • If it’s 1 / 4 till the hour, use the phrase menos cuarto.

Listed here are some examples:

  • 2:30 – Son las dos y media. – It’s two thirty.
  • 1:15 – Es la una y cuarto. – It’s one fifteen.
  • 5:45 – Son las seis menos cuarto. – It’s 1 / 4 till six.
telling time in spanish
Telling time in Spanish – a visible information

Hour + minutes in Spanish time

Wanna be just a little extra particular? Right here’s how Spanish time works when it’s essential point out the precise variety of minutes which have previous from the hour.

The best method is es/son + las + hour + variety of minutes. For instance, if you wish to say that it’s 3:29, you’ll say son las tres veintinueve.

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Thus, the identical as in English, there shall be two methods in which you’ll be able to point out some hours in Spanish. If it’s 8:15, you may say:

  • Son las ocho y cuarto. (“it’s 1 / 4 previous eight”)
  • Son las ocho y quince. (“it’s eight and fifteen minutes”)

Alternative ways of telling time in Spanish

There are three formulation of telling time in Spanish. Listed here are other ways of telling it’s 3:10:

  • es/son + las + hour + variety of minutes – Son las tres diez
  • es/son + las + hour + y + variety of minutes – Son las tres y diez
  • es/son + las + hour + con + variety of minutes – Son las tres con diez

Which one do you like? Moreover, if we additionally depend it cuarto and media, there are a minimum of 4 other ways to inform the time in Spanish. And also you’ve simply mastered all of them!

point out the time of day in Spanish

If you’re utilizing the 12-hour clock, you generally would possibly need to additionally level out the time of day. As an example, “it’s two within the afternoon” interprets to son las dos de la tarde in Spanish. Not too sophisticated, is it? Listed here are some extra instances of day that may turn out to be useful:

  • mediodía – noon
  • mañana – within the morning
  • noche – at night time
  • madrugada – the midnight
  • medianoche – midnight
  • amanecer – daybreak
  • tarde – within the afternoon

To point that an occasion happens at a particular time, use the method a + la(s) + time: La clase de español empieza a las nueve – “The Spanish class begins at 9”.

Different helpful time phrases in Spanish

  • por la mañana – within the morning
  • por la tarde – within the afternoon
  • de la tarde – within the afternoon
  • al mediodía – at midday
  • a la medianoche – at midnight
  • por la noche – within the night or night time
  • de la noche – within the night or night time
  • la mañana – morning or tomorrow
  • mañana por la mañana – tomorrow morning
  • pasado mañana – the day after tomorrow
  • tarde – late
  • temprano – early
  • en punto – precisely or sharp (son las ocho en punto – “it’s precisely eight o’clock”)
  • ayer – yesterday
  • anteayer – the day earlier than yesterday
  • anoche – final night time
  • la noche anterior, anteanoche – the night time earlier than
  • final el lunes que viene – subsequent Monday
  • el lunes pasado – final Monday
  • la semana que viene – subsequent week
  • semana por medio – each different week
  • la semana pasada – final week
  • el año que viene – subsequent yr
  • el año pasado – final yr
  • durante el día – throughout the day

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