when to pick garlic from garden

when to pick garlic from garden

Your garlic cloves have been planted final September (or possibly October or November?), grew steadily by means of winter and spring, and now that it’s practically summer time, they’re able to be picked from the backyard, proper?

Nicely, possibly.

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Not like many greens which can be planted in spring and harvested in fall, garlic is often planted in fall and harvested from late spring to mid summer time. It’s a long-maturing crop, taking eight to 9 months from seed garlic (plantable cloves) to remaining harvest.

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Garlic can also be a type of issues the place timing is every thing, and the harvest interval can span from Could to August, relying on the date of planting, the climate situations, and the kind of garlic grown.

It will probably’t be picked too early or too late, however for the reason that bulbs are all underground, how are you going to actually inform when your garlic is ripe and prepared?

The brief reply is: It’s all within the leaves.

How have you learnt when garlic is able to harvest?

Not like its allium cousin, the onion, garlic matures when its leaves are nonetheless partially inexperienced. Garlic bulbs stay beneath floor throughout growth, so it’s laborious to know once they’re prepared to reap.

Onion leaves, however, start to lose colour and wilt once they cease rising. The tops dry up and flop over, telling you it’s time to reap onions. Most onion bulbs have pushed themselves out of the soil and it’s simple to see whether or not they’ve totally matured.

So what’s the trick of realizing when to reap garlic?

Have a look at what number of leaves are left on the plant.

Every leaf above floor signifies a layer of protecting paper wrapped across the bulb. A garlic plant with 10 inexperienced leaves, for instance, could have 10 layers of bulb wrappers.

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Whereas there’s no commonplace variety of leaves that garlic ought to have, a dependable harvest indicator is when half the leaves have died off, and half are nonetheless inexperienced. The leaves begin to die off from the underside up.

Simply don’t wait till all of the leaves have died again earlier than you begin to harvest. With out the bulb wrappers defending the garlic head, the cloves could separate and the garlic gained’t retailer effectively.

Right here’s one other trick for timing the harvest of your garlic: If you happen to develop hardneck garlic, your crop will kind garlic scapes about 4 to 6 weeks earlier than the bulb is mature. When you harvest the scapes, wait a month or so, then begin checking the scale of the bulbs.

When must you cease watering your garlic?

Proceed to water your garlic as regular in spring, even because the leaves begin to die off.

When at the very least 50 to 75 % of your crop has reached the telltale stage of maturity—half the leaves are brown and half are inexperienced—cease watering your garlic for one week.

This permits the soil to dry out a bit to forestall rot, and makes harvesting simpler if the soil is free and crumbly as a substitute of moist and compressed.

harvest garlic

First, do a pre-check (as I prefer to name it).

Calmly dig into the soil round a random bulb, or just a few random bulbs (taking care to not harm any of the wrappers or cloves), and verify its measurement with out digging the entire thing up.

If the bulb seems to be small, pat the soil again down and wait just a few extra days earlier than you verify once more. If the bulb seems to be substantial, the wrappers tight, and the cloves plump and well-formed, it’s able to be harvested.

Rigorously loosen the soil round your bulbs with a trowel and gently pull the garlic out from the bottom of its stem, at its neck. Brush off any extra grime that falls off simply.

Do you have to wash garlic after harvesting?

Don’t wash your garlic or take away the bulb wrappers after harvesting.

Washed garlic tends to build up additional moisture within the bulb that will result in fungal infestations. It’s additionally extra effort and time that merely isn’t needed, and I’m all for effectivity within the backyard!

From a cleanliness standpoint, many of the grime sticks to the outermost layer of paper, which can also be the layer that tends to shred and peel away throughout harvest. As soon as this layer falls off naturally, it’ll reveal a clear layer of bulb wrapper.

use and retailer garlic

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If you happen to plan to eat your garlic immediately, use scissors to trim the leaves and roots so you’ll be able to hold them tidy within the kitchen.

Do retailer the garlic at room temperature in a darkish, dry place with loads of air circulation, comparable to an open paper bag or wire basket in a pantry or cabinet.

Don’t retailer garlic within the fridge. Gentle and moisture are its worst enemies, and garlic saved within the fridge for an extended interval will begin to get moldy or sprout.

Freshly harvested garlic bulbs in summer with the roots and tops trimmed

It is best to use the garlic inside 3 weeks, or inside 7 to 10 days when you break open a head of garlic. Any garlic that will have been cosmetically broken throughout harvest (however are nonetheless edible) needs to be used first, because it’ll decline in high quality sooner.

If you wish to put together your garlic for long-term storage, hold the leaves and roots intact and observe this information for curing your garlic crop.

When do totally different garlic varieties mature?

Usually, Asiatic and Turban forms of garlic mature first within the season (as early as Could in some areas), whereas Silverskins mature final (in July or August).

There is usually a six- to eight-week span between the time the earliest garlics are able to when the latest-maturing garlics are pulled from the bottom. Smaller crops usually mature sooner than bigger crops.

For instance, I as soon as planted Ajo Rojo (a Creole garlic) and Siciliano (an Artichoke garlic) in October in my Southern California backyard, and each have been picked about two weeks aside in late Could and early June. These spring harvests are typical of hotter areas, particularly for cultivars which can be effectively suited to the local weather.

In northern climates, harvest from fall plantings usually happen in late July to August.

In southern climates, harvest will depend on the precise planting date.

Your harvest interval can also be decided by the present climate and soil situations, so even for those who grew the identical cultivar of garlic this season, it could not mature on the identical fee as final season.

Since there are not any hard-and-fast dates to go by, one of the simplest ways of realizing when to reap garlic is to start out listening to the leaves in spring.

Frequent questions on harvesting garlic

Right here’s what to do subsequent together with your garlic harvest

  • A Information to Curing and Storing Garlic

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