Write For Us – Healthy Life Style Niche Guest Post OPPORTUNITIES!

Guest posts are a great way to promote your content and expose more people to what you have to offer. This is why NewUrbanHabitat.com has come up with the idea of inviting guest bloggers for our blog. We want quality articles that will help influence change in urban communities, so only high-quality articles will be accepted as submissions. If this sounds like something you would like to do, then we invite you to contact us at newurbanhabitatcom@gmail.com today!

##Article Types We’re Looking For

We need articles of high quality that will help influence change in urban communities. These are the types of articles we need:

  1. Articles that show how people can turn their neighborhoods into more livable and walkable places with clear steps on what they should do to get there;
  2. Articles about making cities smarter by using technology, solving climate change ills, or improving our food
  3. Articles to help people know how to live healthier increase green space, better manage stormwater or how to plant their very own garden;
  4. Articles about the best design practices for your home’s curb appeal in order to make it more inviting and comfortable.
  5. Articles to improve your house space or DIY which include more eco-friendly design and home improvement ideas

## Article Requirements:

  • With a minimum of 1000 words well research topic quality article
  • Guest posts are accepted only with high-quality articles approved by the content editor’s approval
  • You can insert 2 links to your site(s) and other authority sites (wiki, news, etc.)
  • Provide engaging content to help our audience get the most out of their homes
  • Provide top tips for people interested in green living and design which will help newbies (and experts!) save time, money, and stress.

## How To Contact Me

Send your well-prepared article(s) to my email at newurbanhabitatcom@gmail.com. If your article(s) meet site requirements, we can process further. If your articles aren’t meet above point standard, no reply will be give.

All The Best,

Abby Quillen